Wireless setting for Plasma Mobile

Month after my proposed design (but in truth i am working on this for longer time), i am finally finished basic functionality for wireless section of mobile settings. Basics of UI is also almost done, even it’s need some polishing and good criticism of designers.

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Proposed design for mobile network settings


While thinking of design, i looked on biggest “competitors” on mobile OS market – Android and iOS. Mainly i am taking design ideas from Android, since i am thinking it has good proportion between usability and functionality, while i am studying/following KDE Human Interface Guidelines, https://community.kde.org/KDE_Visual_Design_Group/HIG and as recommended i am using Kirigami 2 framework, which implement most of HIG rules by itself.

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so here it is, my first blog post ever, so my first bigger project, contribution to open-source and Linux desktop ever.

My name is Martin, currently student of Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, and i am developing new setting module for Plasma Mobile project https://www.plasma-mobile.org/,  module which should be replacement for current KCM network settings.

Reason for replacement is that  current settings simply copied from desktop (https://github.com/KDE/plasma-nm/), which UI are not targeted for mobile environment and together with other issues should be reworked and polished for end-user needs, see https://phabricator.kde.org/T6878 . The module will be part of plasma-settings, https://github.com/KDE/plasma-settings/

This project proposed me Jan Grulich (http://www.jgrulich.cz), developer of NetworkManager and desktop applet used in Fedora. He supports me with  mentorship a introducing to KDE development.

My own fork where i am developing module is on https://github.com/MartinKacej/plasma-nm. I will be glad for your advices and help from end-user viewpoint , since i am mostly struggling on design part.